Google verification file gives 500 error [NOT A CLEAVR RELATED ERROR]

Please help. wher do i put this file from google?

Hey @peterc,

What file is Google having you verify? Is it a one time verification?

Sometimes Google will have you add a TXT record, which would be added as a DNS record via Cleavr DNS (if set up) or via the provider you manage DNS records through.

Or, if they want to verify a file, then a file for one time verification can be added to /home/cleavr//current. Then the URL to verify would be something like

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I think in my total frustration regarding Google’s really over complicated routines made an error.

Moving the google file into current root made the 500 error go away.

I’m really sorry to bother you with this as it obviously wasn’t related to Cleavr

If you want, please remove the post.

No worries! I’m glad you got it situated. :+1:

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