Github integration problem

Maybe i’m just to tired but i can’t get my deploy to fetch code from GitHub.

I have set up a new Hetzner server and addet apps and sites but when i deploy i get stuck on Copy Project.

I guess i missed some SSH key somewear.

Not being a pro on the whole SSH stuff i guess that i need to let my new Hetzner server get access to connect to my Github and then copy the codes from repos but i can’t figure out how an where i should do this.

Please adwise.

Solved by removing Hetzner server and adding it again withour installing monitoring at start.

Then i added Monitoring after server was created and then my repos got copyed

Don’t know if this is of any use for you.

Hi @peterc,

Were you able to SSH into that server? When I’ve seen failure to copy a project in the past sometimes it was due to SSH being hung up. We added a ‘Server Repair’ button on the Server > Services page to fix issues such as this if they occur.

I’ll also try creating a new server with monitoring enabled to see if I can reproduce the issue.

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Yes, o was able to SSH into th new server.

I will.
Anythinbg to help pinpoint potential problems.
A bit hung up right now with the new deployments but i will try later.