Github Actions with PHP and Node Project

Hi! We are building a web app using Craft CMS (PHP) for the back end and Vite JS for the front-end build (e.g. Tailwind, JS minification, etc). We’re currently setting this up to do the entire build and deploy on the server. This is fine, but we’d like to use GH Actions for this. It doesn’t seem from the docs like this is possible. Are we right?

Essentially, we’d want the action to run composer install and when completed npm run build and then let cleavr do its thing in teems of deployment. Are we right in thinking that Cleavr will just deploy the repo (which is obviously not going to work)?

Please can someone tell us definitively that this isn’t possible?



Hello @matthewbeta,

Sorry for being late with the respone.

Currently we support GHA with NodeJS based applications only. So, I’m afraid to say but this is not going to work for now.

We’ve a ticket for this feature in the backlog. We’ll keep you updated if we make any relevant changes.

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No problem. Thats what we figured. We’re going to run the build on the server for now. Please keep us posted.