GitHub Actions integration 🎉

We’ve got an exciting announcement, we are integrating web app types with GitHub Actions!

This is awesome as it allows you to essentially use GitHub as a dedicated build server, which frees up your server resources by not building on your own server.

We finished the integration with Nuxt Apps first. Up next, Adonis and then we plan to setup a special app for Strapi headless CMS.

1-click install, no additional config required

When you enable the integration, Cleavr will set up your GitHub project repo by adding a workflow file that works to build your application on GitHub and then sends the resulting output to Cleavr to complete the deployment process.

You can even expand this file to include test runs! :nerd_face:


Check out this comparison of a server building a project during deployment vs GitHub Actions building the project.

Getting Started

If you’ve already created a GitHub VC profile, you’ll need to edit the profile and click on re-authenticate in order to enable additional permissions necessary to enable GitHub Actions.

Then, you can enable GitHub Actions for your Nuxt Server and Static apps from the Web App > Settings page.

Additional information can be viewed at


Now available for your Adonis apps! :rocket:

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