Frontend domain alias

Hi everyone,

I am making a platform where people can build their own websites. But we’re looking for a solution from which we can add domain alias from the front end to cleavr. While on documentation, I saw the “Add a ‘Deploy with Cleavr’” Button; it looks interesting, is there any way we can use it the same way for domain alias? Thank you!

Hello @aay,

Are you looking to provide them with their own sub-domain? If so, you can enable ‘Allow wildcard subdomains’ when creating a site. Cleavr will also handle applying SSL to the subdomains dynamically if you connect DO or Cloudflare for DNS record management.

Then on your app you can handle users creating subdomains as well as handle routing.

Subdomains are okay, I think I have figured them out, but what I am looking for is custom domains. For example, a user inputs “” as their domain, so what I want is to somehow add the above-mentioned domain to cleavr’s domain alias.

Gotcha! That’d need an API. We don’t have one available at the moment but is something on the backlog for future development consideration.

Thanks for the reply! Can I know an ETA for the same? It would be beneficial!

No ETA at the moment tbh. Once we’ve completed migrating over to Cleavr 2.0 we’ll have a better idea of what big features we’ll be working on next. :smiley: