Free testing subdomains now available!

Free testing subdomains let you quickly deploy a site to test your server settings and deployment process with!

No need to configure your domain until you are ready. :muscle:t4:

In this release, we’ve also added services heart beat and real-time deployment updates.

Let us know what you think!


very cool features. thank you.

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just come back from holidays, and test, it’s very very very cool feature, it was waste of time to create own subdomain, active all ssl etc…

just oneclick for all databse include :slight_smile:


  1. how to retrieve password database ?
  2. when delete webapps, not delete database ( impossible to make relation between database and webapps)
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Thanks, glad you like the updates!

For now, the db password can be retrieved via the env file. So, on webapp, after you attempt to deploy and Cleaver creates the env file, you can go to the Environment tab, fetch the file, and see the pw.

We realize this isn’t the most elegant way to retrieve it - but, we’ll improve upon it in the future. :grin: