Firewall allow any port


I whitelist a few IP addresses on my servers for any kind of access like:
ufw allow from

UFW creates this rule:
To Action From
Anywhere ALLOW

Whenever I want to do this using the Cleavr interface I have no idea what value I need for the port.
I tried “Anywhere”, the rule is created in Cleavr but not in UFW (ufw status).

Hello Olaf,

Thank you for catching that! We missed allowing requests to any port on the system.

We’re on it and will update you soon.


Hello Olaf,

We are pleased to announce the release of a fix for the Firewall improvement. You now have the option to specify any as the value for the Port, enabling connections to any port on the system.

Please try it out and inform us if it works for you.

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thanks for the fast solution. Yes it’s possble to add a firewall rule this way.
While testing this feature, I remember me a conversation with @amiedema from more than a year ago (right after the release of the firewall feature).
Cleavr shows for every new server 4 standard rules, but only three of them actually exists. The MySQL rule is wrong and (almost) no one should open the 3306 port BTW.
Beside this “glitch”, I was wondering if there was a way that Cleavr can read/parse the current status (rules) from UFW. This way my “custom” rules would show up in Cleavr too.
… On the other site I could start using the Cleavr interface in the frst place :slight_smile: