File does not exist, or is not accessible: /usr/share/netdata/web//index.html

I’ve a problem with server SoldatiDelReCleaver
apps: and

What can I do to solve?
Is this a redirect issue or a Cloudflare issue? Don’t know…

theoretically all http traffic should be redirected to https and all www should be redirected to non www

@amiedema @ashokgelal

I tried to unistall and reinstall the SSL certificate but nothing changed.

I still receive this message: File does not exist, or is not accessible: /usr/share/netdata/web//index.html

It happens only when I try to visit http://www. version

Hey @seventhose - that is correct, the traffic should be redirected from http://www to https://.

We’re not quite sure why this behaved this way on your server; but, we were able to fix. Please take a look and let us know if you’re still experiencing that message.