Few Backup Issues

Hi Adam,

In the backup page, I found issue with the width. Can we give more width or remove the max width class?

I am using DO Space and trying the backup, I have checked both the key and secret key, but still get error. Where we can check the full log of the error to see exactly what happened?

Thanks :smiley:

Hello @fin,

It seems like you figured out the issue with the Database. In another backup, the issue was with the URL but it should be working now. The URL was not correct. For DO space your URL structure should be like this: https://[space-name].[datacenter].digitaloceanspaces.com

We will obviously work on the design issue you have pointed out to make cleavr better.

Thank you.

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Thanks @anish for your reply. I tried various url between the origin and the custom subdomain I set in the DO space. Both works. But I found the issue occurred when I set the backup destination with sub folder. For example; backups works, but backups/subfolder didn’t work. Is this a limitation of this backup feature?

Hello @fin,

Subdirectories should have worked we don’t put any restrictions on our side. We’ll take a look at it.