Feeedback cleaver new update


  • for env laravel, it not work, or something is not clear.
    • fetch env is not efficient or not clear

-> make simpliest as possible

  • for deployement not work and result is not dynamically show result, so we dont get what really happen and so long.

-> if possible show results fast and error fast

  • on click fetch, nothing happen

    • what is fetch, why fetch from root server ?
    • why don’t show result of env ?
    • why don’t display message of result action
  • on deploy fresh october cms, all is completed, but sites not work …

    • do you make test ?

Thanks for all of the awesome feedback!

Fetch will pull the env file from the selected server. If you have a multi-server infrastructure, then you can select individual servers to fetch their env, or just the server that’s running the app. There’s still improvements we have in mind to further reduce friction.

Also, the first time you fetch you’ll see the result like in your screenshot where it says “This env is empty, be sure to replace it.” When you create a laravel site, we’ll add placeholders until you launch your laravel app, which includes the placeholder .env file. From here, you can add the variables for your app and then synch with the appropriate server.

Great catch! We have real-time status updates configured on server and site creation; adding to the deployment process is high on the to-do list.

A future feature will be to perform health checks post deployment. Webapps can show successful if no errors we’re encountered during deployment; however, there may be custom deployment hooks, or other actions, that didn’t work as intended but also didn’t fail. Please feel free to provide more info around the web app and we can see if we can help troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s very appreciated!

i m headache when try understand env.

juste make it simple.

on ploi.io and forge.laravel. it work.

other question. do you use pm2 for start node app ?

We use systemctl and supervisor.

Also, we made some updates to env to use default variables so that basic laravel apps will run (just work) after deployment -> we will include this in our next release. Thanks for good insights and helping us reduce friction!

well .en is not work at all …

in fact, i get anything, please check on ploi or forge laravel.

i get why, because in step 2, composer install failed while deploy database… with default config.
because it failed, Activate New Deployment not run …
so link is not done with current directory

and fetch maybe fetch in current.

so it’s blocked.

i try other way.
manually add .env in realPath but not work. each deploy destroy .env.

It looks like you are still confused a bit with how fetch works. Fetch gets your env variables if it is already on the server. But the first time, you may not have any env variables to begin with.

So, the very first time, you need to add your env variables and then click Sync. You can click that blue switcher on top-right to switch between field editor and text editor.

Once you have synced your variables, they are available in future for fetching and editing. To summarize:

  1. Add your env variables first
  2. Sync the variables to your server
  3. Deploy
  4. Fetch your env variables and do more editing (like adding, removing, updating etc.)
  5. Sync
  6. Deploy

it s not possible to set each env variable with this type of features. all .env already exist. and should be copy paste.

it s for me a waste of time and to enter row by row all env. and I will never do that.

That’s true. That’s why we have that blue switcher that you can switch to toggle between row by row and text edit.

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Hi @spham - sorry for the confusion, the video below shows how you can easily copy and paste the env file and then apply it to your server. Hope this helps! :grinning:

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thank you, i don"t see this feature.
but something is strange,

    • I copy paste
    • deploy
    • deploys failed
    • check env and see nothing …

that mean, it not persist my .env

can you add same feature instead of hook
it’s very complicated hook feature, if we need to make some fast work

instead of only this

You’ll still need to fetch the env file to view the current env. Are you trying to deploy October CMS still? I can take a look at it tomorrow to see if there is anything else needed for October.

Hum, is discouraging to use it. many feature need to guess.

for no, not work, regular laravel project or october cms
for october cms you can check on github and try.

This is already possible with Cleaver. You can create your own hook and add any script you want:

Something to keep in mind: Cleaver’s Webapps feature is much more powerful than what Forge and Ploi provides. Webapps feature is more comparable to Laravel Envoyer then Laravel Forge.

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i see this, because i have make some change .
for envoyer i dont like it and not use it , because is too complicated

Hi @spham - I took a look at deploying October CMS and was able to get it to run. I posted a blog here Deploying October CMS . I hope this helps you with launching yours!

Also, we’ve released some new updates, some based on your feedback! I’m hoping this helps reduce some more friction around the env setup. https://releases.cleaver.cloud/

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thank you for october

i try a new install in jovo framework ( alexa ) and all is success but i have a 502 bad gateway


What is Jovo framework?

it’s an node js framework for voice app

I need start this script below

cd src && node index.js --webhook