Feature to limit Web App / User Resources

I’m about to add more than 200 users on big dedicated server.

The traditional web hosting panels have Bandwidth / inodes / storage per app / reseller limit option

Is there some way here to limit the bandwidth / storage size / ram / cpu usage per user / app?

If not - do you plan to develop such features?

Hi @mth!

We don’t currently have a way to do that via Cleavr.

It’s on our backlog but we haven’t yet made a commitment to implementing it. Possibly, in the future but no guarantees…

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Hi @amiedema
Thanks for your reply.

I’ll be really happy to have it sometime in the future.
Looking forward to that moment with happiness and positive vibes :slight_smile:

Until then for this purpose I’ll be using DirectAdmin which seems to nailed it down.

However most of my SaaS apps will be here :slight_smile:
Thank you for your hard work here!

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