Feature suggestions


I’m new to Cleavr and first of all I want to say that Cleavr looks really awesome.
Nevertheless, there are some features that I would like to suggest that might make it even better.
Some suggestions are especially useful for Wordpress.

  • Load balancing
    currently we’re using a small server with HAProxy manually configured and tuned, but it would be nice if this could be automated with Cleavr
  • Application cloning, especially for Wordpress (e.g. replace url’s in cloned site)
    Both cloning on the same server and to another server.
  • Application synchronization (merging), especially for Wordpress
    This would allow to create a copy of a website (e.g. staging), make some changes and then sync back to production.
  • Support for OpenLiteSpeed
  • Cleavr API so we can perform Cleavr operations from within our own applications
  • Support for SSH tunnels.
    We often set up servers that are only accessible via a jump host. In order to access this server (e.g. to deploy a new application) an ssh tunnel should be established.

FYI: cloning and synchronization are features that are already offered in e.g. RunCloud.

Hello @guy -

Welcome to the Cleavr forum and thanks for the feedback!

We’ve had quite a few inquiries for load balancing setup and is one of the higher priorities that we plan on working on after we get Cleavr 2.0 out.

Thanks for the staging description - we’ve been asked about this type of feature a number of times but I think your short description actually clears up the value of it quite well!

Hi @amiedema,

That’s great to hear!
And my other suggestions, can you take them into consideration as well? :wink:
I’m glad to provide more details in case something is not clear.

Definitely! Most of the other suggestion we have in the backlog, though not as high on the backlog at the moment as load balancing,

The last suggestion around SSH tunnels we haven’t had asked before. Any additional details around the expectations for that would help us understand it a little more.

Nice to hear that most of the suggestions are already in the backlog.

Regarding the SSH tunnels, the use case is to have servers that are completely “disconnected” from the internet, i.e. no direct connection to the internet (e.g. a database server with sensitive info).
The only way the server can be reached or the server itself can access the internet is by connecting via another server that is connected to the internet.
For Cleavr this means that it can’t communicate directly with that server but only via the intermediate server, and therefore Cleavr should be able to set up an ssh tunnel in order to reach that “private” server via the “gateway” server.

I hope this clarifies what I mean by SSH tunnel support for Cleavr, if not then let me know :wink:

BTW, I noticed that both the name Cleavr and Cleaver are used, which can make it difficult from time to time to find relevant information on the internet.

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Awesome, thanks for the clarification!

Yea… :pensive:We changed our name from Cleaver to Cleavr last year and there’s still some old Cleaver references out there…