Feature Request: Test Let's Encrypt SSL registration against staging environment


Just for future consideration - it would be nice if when registering for a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for a site, it tries to register the SSL certificate against the staging environment first, and then register the SSL certificate for production if the staging environment succeeds.

I recently encountered an issue when registering a site with multiple domains where the verification for the SSL certificate was failing. We quickly hit the rate limits imposed by Let’s Encrypt - specifically the 5 validation failures per hour rule.

While we were able to register it an hour later, I did read further into it and found out about the staging environment that Let’s Encrypt provides, and it seems that it could be useful to change the SSL registration process to attempt to register the SSL certificate in their staging environment first (where you have up to 60 failures before being rate-limited) and then either picking up the error there, or proceeding to register the SSL certificate in the production environment if it was successful on staging.

Thanks for any consideration towards this. Happy to provide more info if you need.

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Hi @BennoThommo,

Thank you for the feedback! We’ll add you suggestion to our backlog for further investigation.

Can you also share what the blocking issue turned out to be?

Hi @amiedema - the blocking issue was simply us attempting to register an SSL certificate after the client had “assured” us the DNS had been changed when it had not. Unfortunately, because the client had a lot of addon domains, we reached 5 failures very quickly. Once we had squared the DNS issues with them, that was when we encountered the failure rate limit when attempting an SSL registration again.

That’s most assuredly an “us” problem however :wink: