Feature request: Support for Meilisearch

I request for the Meilisearch (https://www.meilisearch.com) support as the Laravel has first party support for the mentioned search engine.

Hello @vinodsp,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve just recently had the opportunity to use Meilisearch in one of our apps and it gave us a good idea on how to support it. We plan on creating a guide on how to install it with Cleavr and in future look at possibly providing 1-click support.

That will be awesome!!! Thanks for the response. Any timeline for the guide creation? I am in need of it ASAP! Otherwise I have to jump directly to my cloud service provider!!

Hello, @amiedema Any update on creating a guide on how to install Meilisearch with Cleavr?

Hello @vinodsp,

Here is a blog post on installing Mellisearch with Cleavr