Feature request: Support for Meilisearch

I request for the Meilisearch (https://www.meilisearch.com) support as the Laravel has first party support for the mentioned search engine.

Hello @vinodsp,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve just recently had the opportunity to use Meilisearch in one of our apps and it gave us a good idea on how to support it. We plan on creating a guide on how to install it with Cleavr and in future look at possibly providing 1-click support.

That will be awesome!!! Thanks for the response. Any timeline for the guide creation? I am in need of it ASAP! Otherwise I have to jump directly to my cloud service provider!!

Hello, @amiedema Any update on creating a guide on how to install Meilisearch with Cleavr?

Hello @vinodsp,

Here is a blog post on installing Mellisearch with Cleavr


Hi @amiedema & @aayush I was able to install meilisearch and make it up and running. Now facing a challenge with the upgrading the meilisearch to the newest version. Is there any guide on how to upgrade the meilisearch in Cleavr? The standard upgrade instruction from meilisearch guide is not working for me.

Sorry, we don’t have any upgrading guide. What kind of error are you getting?

You might check their issues log to see if anyone else had similar issues and if/how it’s resolved. Issues · meilisearch/meilisearch · GitHub