Feature request: Small UI modification for easier navigation

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using cleavr for a while now and enjoying it a lot. :+1:

However, there’s a small thing that really bothers me. While managing Webapps, I found it kind of unnecessarily complicated to get back to the site in order to adjust something there and vice versa. In my opinion, a “Go to Site”-Link for Webapps as it exists for Sites to the belonging Server with the “Go to Server”-Link would be very great. It could then simply look like this:

And on the Site view a menu entry “Webapps” could be added where all the Webapps belonging to that Site are listed:

This would make it a very smooth experience for many workflows like for example:
Create new static site → Setup Repo for Webapp → click Go To Site → Add SSL for the Site → click Webapps and select the Webapp (which is easy to find as only the ones for the Site are listed) → Deploy the Webapp → Oops the Site is not showing → click Go To Site → Adjust NGINX Configs → Hooray everything is fine now!

I guess there is not much tweaking required to add something like this to the UI and I bet I am not the only one who would enjoy this a lot. :wink:

Best Greetings,
Jeazyee :v:

Happy to hear that you are enjoying it.

Excellent small tweak suggestion. We already show a list of webapps for each site. For a more complex deployment architecture, a webapp could be associated with multiple sites so it is a bit tricky. However, there is a way esp. when navigating from webapp to a site (then we know the context of the webapp that you followed to the site).

This is such an excellent suggestion that I went ahead and implemented it. You’ll find that under Quick Actions section. Try it out and let us know if it eases the pain of navigating around a bit.


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Thanks, it works great and makes my life much easier :wink: