Feature - adding users with permissions

It would be nice to add the small feature of adding users with email, name, password, and permissions.
So as the admin I could add users that can login and have access to do some deployments, or changes per functionality on the app. Maybe when I created some website for certain user for development and he needs access to some scripts and deployment for that site only. Anyway it would be nice to have something like that.


Hello @titan,

Guess what? We’re already working on a similar feature as a Company account with teams.

We’re actively testing this feature right now.


Will we be able to switch to that account from ones that we already have after release and will it be a different pricing per account within a company account or similar to this?

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The team feature will be available to those that subscribe to the Pro plan and will be about and additional $5/member / month.

You’ll need to have a separate account for the company if you already have a separate personal account.

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So for my current account data, how can I transfer everything to company account?

Is your current account being paid by the company? If that’s the case, you can work off the current account. If not, then I’m thinking we can either update payment on existing account or move resources to the new account.

@amiedema When will this be released? :smiley:

We’re mainly testing the teams feature and refining right now. So, shouldn’t be much longer unless we hit some snags.

I should mention too, to manage expectations a bit, that this initial release won’t really have permissions / roles. Mainly, you can add new team members and then assign them to a team / collection of resources to use and that will be initially the extent of their confines.

Okay so the the webapp/sites/servers or something could be assigned to teams?

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Yes, that’s correct.