Error establishing a database connection

So, I added a server via and installed WordPress on it, upon the opening of the URL of the website I created, I got a database error saying;

I have tried deleting the database & the database user I created before installing the wordpress website.

I am hoping someone can help me through this error.

Hi @iamselasie!

It looks like I can reproduce the issue. There is a bug with the db username we create for WP being too long as MySQL has a max 32 characters limit for usernames. I’ll post back here once we have that issue resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for posting the issue here so we can be aware of it!

Alright. Please inform me when it’s done.

Hi @iamselasie, can you please give it a try again? Delete the current site and add a new WP site.

We pushed a fix so it should be good to go now.