Error deleting site


I have a site i want to remove, but every time i try to delete the site I get a ‘Error deleting site’. The site is just stuck as ‘pending delete’.

Hello @ash,

It looks like the server is running our of space, so likely is having trouble deleting the site.

Try to free up space by going to the servers list, then click on the ellipsis icon on the far right of the server row, and then select ‘Clean Disk Space’. Then, clear up space and then try to delete the site again.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you still are running across issues.

hey @amiedema - thanks for the advice! I’ve tried using ‘Clean Disk Space’ on the server, but still getting the same ‘error deleting site’.

I could increase the space on the server to get to try and get over this, but ideally I want to remove the server altogether and start a new one.

If i were to try and delete the server - will i run it to issues deleting because there is a site currently on there that can’t be removed?

Deleting the server won’t be blocked by the site not yet being deleted - so, you should be good to go if that’s what you want to do.

If you do want to try to free up some additional space, another thing would be in the Web App section, if you have web apps, remove some of the older deployments. Cleavr holds on to the last ~5 successful deployments, but you can always click on a deployment ellipsis icon and select option to remove the deployment / folder, which will then free up some more disk space.