Error Deleting DNS Record

Just switched over to Cleavr 2.0. Love it!

But one issue to report. I can’t delete DNS records anymore. Whenever I try is get an error message of:

“Error deleting dns record”

I can added domains just fine, I just can’t delete them.

A side note, the message that appears when you go to delete a DNS records should have DNS as all caps I think, but instead it says: “Delete Dns Domain Record xyz”

Hey @onetrev, thanks for reporting the issue and glad you are liking the new Cleavr!

It looks like a Cloudflare record deletes but a Digital Ocean record has the error you mentioned. Just to verify, are you also trying to remove a DO record?

Hey @onetrev - we just deployed a fix for deleting DO dns records. Please give it a try and let us know if it’s still an issue.

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Thanks for fixing @amiedema. Works perfectly now! Sorry for forgetting to mention I was working with a DO server.

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