Error creating creating DB on Oracle diit1

Hi @amiedema @anish @ashokgelal

I know this is not an Cleavr problem as it works on my Oracle diit2 but as you know there has been some issues with diit1 like Monitoring.

Monitoring is working now (except for disk_util gage as on both Oracle servers) but now i need to ad a DB on diit1 and i can’t.

Please have a look at this as i need the DB for a customer.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Hello @peterc,

Do you mean Database is working on one of the oracle server and not working on another one?

@anish exactly, i can ad DB on Oracle server diit2 without any problem.

This is not an Cleavr issue, i messed with the diit1 Oracle server and broke some stuff like Monitoring wich @amiedema fixed and now i guess my messing has resulted in a broken “Ad Database” function on Oracle diit1.

So i would be superhappy if one of you could help me fix this thing that is on me cause i have to ad DB on diit1.

Hello @peterc,

Can you give this a try now?

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@anish i get more and more impresed with you guys!

You are f*ckin lightning fast :zap:

Thank you so much for helping me like this on a Sunday :pray: