Error 522 on site created on AWS + Let's Encrypt + CloudFlare

Hi there!

We’re having a strange problem setting up a website on AWS using Let’s Encrypt and CloudFlare. The server is running, the website created and Let’s Encrypt certificate succesfully installed, but we always have the same 522 error on CloudFlare side whe trying to load the site.
We tried disabling proxy on CloudFlare, setting encryption to Off, Flexible, Full and Full Strict, but the problem persits.

The only way of getting it to work is by removing Let’s Encrypt certificate from server and setting DNS Only for proxy status on CF panel. This brings our site back to life but without SSL.

A few weeks later we built a similar website on DigitalOcean, the configuration is exactly the same (CloudFlare settings + Let’s Encrypt certificate) and it’s working fine since we provisioned the server.

Are we missing something? The only difference between both sites is the hosting provider.

Thanks a lot!

That is weird!

I tried to reproduce the issue (AWS, Cloudfare, Lets Encrypt) and everything was working as expected for me.

We did release an update for AWS yesterday that was causing issues with server monitoring and that was https related. That may have also been the culprit for the issue you were experiencing.

If you end up giving AWS another try, please let me know if the issue pops up again.

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Sorry for the late reply, we were on a big hurry :sweat:
Yes, it worked perfectly the second time! It must have been related to what you said.
Thanks again for your quick support!

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