Electron App Listing

Apparently this solution is no longer a local/native desktop app: Desktop to web migration guide

Only found out about this solution from the Electron APP list and was expecting a “disconnected” native app to manage servers but unfortunately it appears this is a SaaS solution…deal breaker

At least please update the Electron team you no longer provide a desktop app so they can remove Cleaver from the list

Cumbersome to implement but https://opennebula.io/ provides a “disconnected” solution to manage on prem &&& cloud servers aka a “hybrid cloud”… just saying :man_shrugging: (not affiliated)

Aww yes, the ol’ desktop app. That was sunset a couple years back.

The amusing thing is that I informed them a while back and they then proceeded to update the url, copy, images… :man_shrugging:

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Welp, that’s too bad you took lassie out back and offed em

Was more amused with a native client that allowed one to mange server/keys without YOU while still paying…