Domain Alias via CNAME

Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a way where I can add Domain Alias via CNAME to my servers. We are a small SaaS company, and we are still on the hunt for better servers and resources, which makes us jump providers every year or so, so adding a domain alias via an IP address is a little tricky for us as we would not like to ask our users to update the domain records every time we change servers. I know that adding the alias via CNAME works, but it doesn’t issue SSL certificates. Any idea how we can do this? Thanks.

a few questions…
do you request SSL certs via Let’s encrypt?
Are those CNAME’s from the same root domain?
Does it work if you use A records instead?

I tried it already :slight_smile:
It works with A records but not with CNAME’s
You can try is SSL via Cloudflare, their origin certificate is a wild card.

I don’t want a wildcard SSL. Cleavr does an excellent job with that, but I need SSL when I add an alias via CNAME, i.e. instead of putting (this being my IP address) as an A record for, I want to add a CNAME record for, where the record would be @ (root), and the address would be (primary domain); this works as the latter resolves to, but as mentioned, SSL wouldn’t be issued to domains with such records. So I was wondering if there’s any way that would be possible with working SSL

I think there is a way for LetsEncrypt to add a SSL cert for CNAME records. I created a task for our backlog to investigate and see if we can get it to work.

It definately does. I used Moss before Cleavr, and their alias did ask for CNAME records, and it did issue valid SSL certs. Thanks for looking into it @amiedema