DNS from hetzner


How to add DNS profile from Hetzner when there are only options for Digital Ocean and CloudFlare?
Is it enough to direct domains to server IP or?

Hello @titan ,

For adding a DNS profile from Hetzner, you need to manage your DNS records from within Hetzner, and yes, it is enough to direct domains to server IP.

Thank you


Will hetzner ever be implemented as digitalocean for dns?

Hello @titan,

Can you share with us whether you want to manage DNS and Domains from the UI or is there anything else?

Well to do it from UI, manage records etc.

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Hello @titan,

I’ll create a ticket for it and approach it once tickets at the top priorities are done. We’ll keep you updated about any future updates.

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Any news on this one ? :smiley:

Why not using CF for DNS?
I have most of my servers with hetzner and all DNS in Cloudflare

No news right now. It’s on our backlog but is further down as it’s quite a bit of work and we have a full backlog of higher priorities right now.

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