Disable Build/Generate Hook

It seems i am not able to disable the build/generate hooks on web apps.

is this intended behaviour or am i doing something wrong?

Background: wanted to build my own build hook (project is one folder deep inside the repo) and the whole deployment fails when the default build hook is triggered.

Any ideas?

Thank you, guys!


Hi @sebbler, welcome to the Cleavr forum!

You can disable the build hook in the hooks section:

Ah! Ok, I see that you cannot disable the generate command for static site.

We’ll work on getting that fixed!

@sebbler - give it a try and let us know if that works for you. :slight_smile:

Boy, you guys are fast! You must be deploying Cleavr with Cleavr, right?

It works now thank you a lot!

Had the problem once on Node Server Apps as well. Not sure if you have fixed this as well but just wanted to point this out as well.

Thank you guys. Love the Cleavr so far. Really makes Deploying and Server Management a joy (coming from Plesk and thinking of pulling the trigger :slight_smile: )

Have a nice one!



Cleavr does indeed give birth to itself. :baby: :upside_down_face: