Develop PHP on a Ubuntu server [SOLVED]

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This might look a bit “non related” to Cleavr but here is my situation. I develop node.js aplication on a ubuntuserver. All apps/sites/different domains uses individual ports so i use Nginx Proxy Manager on that server. No problem i just edit my mac host file to redirect to the IP of this Ubuntu Node server. Then i connect VSCode remotly to this server, do my coding, commit to github and then deploy to Cleavr. I’m really happy with this set up unless anyone has a better suggestion.

My dev machine i quite overpowered and i run the Node server in a vm only for node dev. This way i don’t use any resources on my working computer.

Now i have created an PHP vm on this machine but since PHP sites works a bit different port wise i cant replicate the same set up with Nginx Proxy Manager due to my lack of skills with apache/nginx and what not.

Before i ask my question please don’t suggest MAMP or anything like that, i want to have everything on my machine/php vm.

Do anyone have any tip on how to be able to have many different fake domains like being able to open in browser and be sorted in a folder structure in preferbly a non root place like var/www/html. I want the working folder like /home/peter/phpsites/customer1 and a few more in phpsites so i can access then withour being root in like FTP.

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Hello @peterc ,

As far as I understand your question, you should be good by changing the root in nginx config for your site to any location you keep the files.

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Krrish Ghimire

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@krrishg thank you for answering,

I will use just Lando on my vm and then access it by vm 'sIP:landoport

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