Deployments made easy with Canary

We’re working on a pretty exciting new feature to help the deployment process run more smoothly. In fact, we’re so excited about the new feature that we’re giving it it’s own marketing brand name and everything!

Canary. :parrot:

Canary will help you get through the deployment process and give you the peace of mind that you’re successfully deploying your apps and not some 502 error.

It’s kinda like a staging environment. But, better. :sunglasses:

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Canary has landed!!!

Canary is your deployment assistant

Like the coal mine Canary that provides a warning when conditions are unsafe, Cleavr’s Canary is here to help you verify that your deployments are safe to make live for the world to see.

Canary places a hold on deployments and provides you with a secret URL that you can use to verify that your deployments work as expected in production. And if not, this gives you time to cancel the deployment and avoid unwanted changes from being made live.

Canary also provides server statuses and average latency times from global servers (in Germany, Singapore, and USA).

Just the beginning

Think of Canary as an experimental feature that we hope to further enhance to assist with deployments in additional ways. Such as, letting you know why a deployment may have failed, why there is a 502 error, and more!