Deployment reverts to old commit

Hey just set up my first Cleavr site. Loving it so far.

One issue I’m having so far though is that when I deploy my site (push to deploy or manual trigger from cleavr console), the deployment works but then reverts the codebase to the state that I first deployed the site at. I’ve worked around this by adding a deployment hook (in cleavr console) that runs git revert . which undoes the changes, and restores the code to the latest commit state.

Is this a bug?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @squpshift,

First of all, welcome to Cleavr Forum.

We’re not sure of what is going on in your case. We’ve never received any support request for such issue. We’ll look into it to see if we can find anything and get back to you.

Hello @squpshift,

We are running out of any possible cause for this specific issue you’re facing. We’ll be able to help you with this if you could provide us the steps to reproduce the issue. In the mean time, can you also verify that the branch you’ve selected to deploy is the correct one?