Deployment Live Logs

Hello again!

Are there any plans for adding live logs to the deployment hooks while deploying?

It says “running” which is already a good indicator but seing the actual terminal / logs would add more transparency to what is actually happening so you can better pinpoint errors.

I am thinking of something circle ci has for example where you can watch the deployment steps doing their magic.

Might not be that essential but wanted to share my thoughts with you on that as it would make initial deployment hook setup more understandable for others as well.

Especially for us monorepo users and people that don’t use regular NuxtJS/Adonis/NodeJS/Laravel/ projects.

What do you guys think?

Hi @sebbler, thanks for asking about live logs!

We actually had live logs available in our previous major version. The implementation was heavier than we liked and sometimes caused unintended issues. We made an attempt at an improved live logs solution, but that led down a rabbit hole and so decided to hold off in favor of implementing some other higher priorities.

We do plan on circling back to it at some point. :slight_smile:

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