Deployment fails with "code [0] via signal [SIGINT]"

Hey there,

yesterday i got an error when trying to deploy an app.

I was able to fix it by rescaling / restarting the server.

Today it seems it was not actually a fix to the problem, as i get the error again:

2022-04-22T14:03:14: PM2 log: Stopping id:_old_15
2022-04-22T14:03:14: PM2 log: App id:_old_15 disconnected
2022-04-22T14:03:14: PM2 log: App [] exited with code [0] via signal [SIGINT]
2022-04-22T14:03:15: PM2 log: pid=209775 msg=process killed

I have 3 Instances of the same codebase running on the same server with the same config so it seems it’s not a config problem.

Any idea on what could cause the problem?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!


Hello @sebbler,

I’m not exactly sure what the issue is here. I don’t see any clear issues in the PM2 logs. There are some app logs in the web app > logs section that may provide hints. Check out the more recent ones.

Is there anything you can think of that may have changed between when the app was working and then not working?

Oh so the logs above are the standard “restart” logs? Sorry, if i had wrong conclusions here.

The only thing i changed yesterday which was between a non working and a working app was turning off the server, rescaling it (upping its cpus, ram and disk space) and turning it back on again.

Fresh deployment and it worked. So not sure what could have caused this :confused:

EDIT: So it seems it’s a problem with the nuxt app throwing errors. It works when i access another route (/praktikum).

Sorry for the disturbance. I will have to figure this out myself.

Thank you for your help though. Appreciate your fast and helpful response as always.


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