Deployed Strapi v4 on 2vCPU / 4GB RAM VPS using Cleavr but registers over 70% cpu utilization

Web traffic is zero as we have not used the Strapi v4 installation . Server is a brand new install for a client that we want to deploy a solution for.

I think this was experienced by Directus users which i have deployed and never encountered this situation.

I would appreciate if it can be looked over

Hello @Karlomac01,

Is the CPU utilization consistently being at 70% or more is it during deployment?

The app is build on your own server so depending on how big your app is (and what your app type is - building NodeJS app is heavy for an example but PHP apps don’t need any building except for frontend assets).

Here are two measures you could take to minimize the CPU utilization like: enabling GitHub Integration, upgrading server. There are few other options as well.

Do let us know if that is not the case you want us to look into your server.

this is after the app has finished building and working properly using the built in admin client of Strapi v4. I have another install on another clients clevr site using strapi v3 and does not have the same utilization for CPU.

I will DM the email addresses i have for the client setups please do have a look.

Hello @Karlomac01,

We’ll look into the issue just don’t forget to let me know about the email address associated with the account.

I think i sent it to amiedema via dm please confirm.

Hello @Karlomac01,

The server with high CPU utilization has a Directus webapp with failed deployment. At first, let’s resolve the deployment failure and see whether the server utilization goes down or not. I remember seeing a similar case in the past where the CPU utilization would reach up to 90%.


One of your server is running out of disk space because of which your deployments are failing. Whenever a deployments fail you can look at the deployments detail page for the error messages.

That cant be right! the server is new … . and i deleted the directus web app- unfortunately my trial has ended so im back to my paid server first.

thanks for the help -

Hello @Karlomac01,

Can you confirm the disk space associated with the server Matt H****?