Deploy fail but no error logs

I create an app to deploy nestjs, but it failed, ant there is no logs output. I don’t know what happend without logs.

Welcome to Cleavr @Clare.

Please check our guide for troubleshooting deployment errors here:

You can also see related forum discussion here: How do I deploy a Next.js app?

If you still face the issue please let us know.

Hey @Clare,

If it’s failing at the ‘Copy Project’ deployment step, usually I’ve only seen that step fail due to folder permissions issues. In the server > services section, at the very bottom of the page is a button to ‘Repair’ server. Try clicking that and then re-deploying.

If it’s not that then possibly an issue accessing the repository. But I’m pretty sure clicking the repair button will work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your reply, the problem has been fixed.

Thanks for your help, ‘Repair’ did work!!!