Default deploy hooks

I’m trying out Cleavr and I’m wondering if there’s a way to have like default deployment hooks.
I’ve seen that Cleavr has a default set, but I’d like to add my own deploy hooks to that, is that possible?

Hello @Ratsi,

First of all welcome to Cleavr.

As of now, you can’t have the default hooks but we’re planning internally to allow viewing/modifying the default hooks for advanced use cases.

By the way, you can create custom hooks to support your deployment if needed.

Hi Anish,

Thanks for the quick reply.
Is there a way to copy deployment hooks to other projects maybe? Or run a script that’s defined in “Quick scripts”?

Hello Ratsi,

I’m afraid to say this but you need to copy and add a new hook manually. Running the script defined in Quick Scripts as a deployment hook has been on our backlog for quite a long time now. I’ll bring this to the next team meeting and see if we can keep it at the top priority for the next sprint.