Custom Server Setup - taking ages

Hello, I’ve been wanting to try cleavr as an alternative to using runcloud however I’m getting stuck at the first step - adding a custom server.

I’ve followed the instructions, the server is a fresh install of ubuntu 20.

The status of the setup on cleavr’s dashboard has been stuck on ‘setting up’ for a couple of days now.

I’m wonder if its due to some requirements being needed that are not listed in the instructions, or a port possibly not being open?

any help appreciated


Hi @ls00, welcome to the Cleavr forum!

Are you using current Cleavr or Cleavr 2.0-beta (which is at to set up the custom server?

If the status doesn’t change after a couple of minutes, then something is off. For custom servers, the issue is typically the SSH port on the server is set to something other than 22.

There was also one case where the server provider’s image of Ubuntu didn’t include curl - which is need to provision.

The ability to change SSH port number has been added to Cleavr 2.0-beta as well as Cleavr will detect if a custom server doesn’t have curl and install it if needed. If using current Cleavr, then the port on the server would need to be changed back to 22 or curl installed if not installed.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if those suggestions don’t work.

Managed to solve it.

Curl was not installed.

All works now thanks

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