Custom default app

Hello guys,

I repeat always the same process to create my customers website (only Statamic) and I would like to automate the process.
Is it possible ?
I remember that I saw last year a repo on github where there where some examples on how to handle that (config, custom default hooks etc) but I can’t find it anymore.
What I want to achieve is have here for example “my custom Laravel app”

Thank you,


Hello @Jerem,

We have a ‘Quick Script’ repo which may be what you are thinking of. It has some examples of quick scripts, deployment scripts, etc. I’m not sure how helpful that will be though since it looks like you’re looking for the ability to create a custom app type. Which, is an interesting idea that i think would be worth us thinking about and considering… :thinking:

Hello @amiedema ,

Thank you yes that was that repo GitHub - cleavr/quick-scripts

Indeed it will not be enough for my purpose, but it is a great start for custom scripts.
I think it should be very very interesting that you consider to develop this feature, it could be something very simple where you could start from your default apps but like create a “template app” where for example, I start with a Laravel App, I remove the hook that I don’t care, add those I want, make some custom config for php and nginx, and save the draft as a custom template app.
And then an API to create new one on the fly with custom tokens will be great ! :slight_smile:

Or for maybe something ultra simple, a duplication action on site with webapp could be make the job too.

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