Custom Cron Schedule

I’d like to make sure I’m entering these custom cron schedules correctly…

the UI is showing “invalid cron syntax” but I’m not sure if I should pay any attention to it. Also, I’ve been sending the cron output to log files and Im not seeing anything being logged yet… maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Here’s how I’ve entered my custom schedule into the ui…
(note, this is just an example for the custom scheduling… in my other commands, I do have all the other inputs filled out)

Hey @jhavens-tech,

Yes, you’d want to make sure the syntax is valid. Are you looking to schedule the cron job to run on minutes 1, 14, 29, and 44 for every hour?

If so, try: 1,14,29,44 * * * *

This tool seems handy for checking cron job schedules:

ah, ok.

Yes, these numbers represent the minute of each hour I’d like to run the command.

The previous server provider allowed me to omit the asterisks… this is where I got mixed up.

I see what to do now, thank you sir

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