Create site without version control?

I often like to quickly make sites to test with some friends without having an repo setup, latest example is flarum. In order to install it, i need to use

composer create-project flarum/flarum .

So, on my local setup, create github repo from it & then deploy using it. This is harder to do if im on a computer that doesn’t have all the development tools setup.
Currently, what i do is

  • create an empty github repo (one time)
  • create the site using required dev stack i.e, php or nodejs
  • select the empty github repo
  • goto deployment hooks & add another hook after “copy project” where i run “create project” command that creates project into a folder say “project”
  • edit site nginx config so it points to “project” folder

I would rather have an option to setup a stack like php and ask for some commands like where will files be downloaded (using composer/node) and which folder to use as document root to skip all these steps.
Not sure the method i use above is safe. Or maybe there is a way and im too dumb to figure it out haha.
Basically like wordpress app. But i think its unrealistic to expect the devs to add all the possible php/nodejs apps. So something a bit custom option with flexibility similar to wordpress option.

Is this possible?