Cpu.max file not found

This is not related with Cleavr but personal setup.

Recently i have created a 3-node (EX44 https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/ex44) database cluster using CockroachDB. Everything works alright except i am seeing an error constantly in the logs of crdb:

[n1] unable to get CPU capacity: error when read cpu quota from cgroup v2 at ‹/sys/fs/cgroup/system.slice/securecockroachdb.service/cpu.max›: open ‹/sys/fs/cgroup/system.slice/securecockroachdb.service/cpu.max›: no such file or directory

Other nodes has this error as well. At first i thought there is a permission issue, but seems like really there is no file as cpu.max:

Because i am a non server person, tried few things with GPT but it ended unsuccessful. Any ideas how to solve it? :thinking: