Copy Project step fails for an Adonis GitHub Action enabled app

Enabling GitHub action seems to work as far as creation of the workflow and being able to build the app goes but the Copy Project steps fails with the following message:

Copy Project 20210918125116
Cloning repo/example:master to /home/cleavr/
Linking /home/cleavr/ to /home/cleavr/
Fetching build artifact URL from repo/example
jq: error (at <stdin>:1): Cannot iterate over null (null)

Ok. It turns out to be my fault and not Cleavr’s :sweat_smile:. What happened was that I recently renamed my GitHub repo from to but I forgot/ignored to change it on Cleavr’s. GitHub automatically forwards the requests for old repo but unfortunately looks like it doesn’t for when making API calls. So it was failing in Copy Project step because it wasn’t able to download the artifact.


Glad you were able to figure out the issue!