Connect to your Google Cloud server

Cleaver lets you bring your own custom servers, including Google Cloud!

I’ll walkthrough creating a server on Google Cloud and adding it to Cleaver as a custom server.

In your Google Cloud account, click on Compute Engine, then click VM Instances, and then create a new VM instance.

While creating the VM Instance, you’ll want to make sure that you configure the boot disk to run Ubuntu version 20.04.

Plus, enable HTTP and/or HTTPS traffic under the Firewalls section.

Back in Cleaver, create a new Custom server. Copy the provided script to your clipboard and then go back to Google Cloud.

Open an SSH terminal by clicking on SSH, then open the console in a new window.

The console will log you in as a non-root user. Run su sudo root in the console to switch to the root user, paste and run the command you copied to your clipboard.

Back on Google Cloud, copy the public IP address and then head back over to Cleaver and paste it into the IP text field on the custom server setup screen.

Now, click Provision and Cleaver will connect the server.

After provisioning is complete, add your site and launch your app! :rocket:

I decided to launch a basic Adonis app for this example. IT WORKS!