Connect to existing digital ocean droplet and update info

There would be nice to be able to select digital ocean as server provider and then connect to existing droplets (i do know that you are probably installing some of your stuff on the server when creating a new one however it would be nice to have the option to connect to existing one and then to install stuff).

Another thing I found little difficult was to find server that I want to generate, your listing is not as on digital ocean, could be that their api is not sending well structured data however because of this I needed to generate any server and then to go on digital ocean and upgrade to plan I wanted from the start.

That worked fine, however the server info on cleavr dashboard shows the one I generated from cleavr, not the one I have upgraded to. So would be nice to change/refresh that :smiley:

This could be done using the custom server option. We do assume custom servers are fresh servers and will install services on it based on the server type selected. If that’s not a concern, then you can connect with that method - though, it is at your own risk as there is the potential of interfering with what’s already on the server.

I know DO added some plans, we’ll check to see if they are available via their API and will look at adding missing ones.

If there is any server info you’d like updated in Cleavr, please send us a support ticket with the info to update and we’d be happy to make the updates. :slight_smile:

Posted as support ticket that redirected me to which shows nginx 404 :smiley: Thanks btw

:man_facepalming: that’s embarrassing! Thanks for letting me know!

there as some other client-side errors, not displaying some forms, etc. Also is there some page for submitted support requests?

I see all plans from DO, shared and dedicated CPU’s. They are not categorized, that might be a problem. The same is for Linode, if you know the specs and the prices, choosing a server is not a problem. If not, you need to rescale. It’s okay how it’s done for Hetzner, based of the plan names it’s much easier to choose a server. The real problem comes if you need to choose a different CPU (Intel or AMD). In that case it might be better to rescale via the provider panel, feels much safer than using a select menu

:upside_down_face: My favorite is the custom server version