Cleavr ❤️ Strapi!

We’ve noticed that Strapi has been a very popular CMS to deploy amongst Cleavr community members. We can see why, Strapi is pretty awesome!

Seeing this, we wanted to show some love towards what our users love and have given Strapi the first-class treatment in Cleavr.

You can now create new sites using the Strapi app type, including creating and configuring a database.

We’ve also pre-configured the Strapi web-app and made some updates to how we deploy NodeJS apps to resolve a common issue users run across after initially deploying a Strapi app.

But wait, there’s more!

NodeJS v16.x is now available in the server > services section. The brand new Strapi v4, just release yesterday, is compatible with Node v16. Enjoy! :zap:


Hey, nice to here that you focus strapi a little bit more!
I just tried to deploy a strapi v4 with the new tool.

Currently i get an error when trying to enable Github Actions:
Error enabling GitHub Actions. Cannot resolve “/home/cleavr/…/build/resources/scripts/githubWorkflows/strapi_github_workflow.edge”. Make sure the file exists.

It works when i add the web app “the old style” without the strapi pre config.

Any idea?



Can you please try it again? It should be fixed now.

Seems to work! Many thanks for the superfast support!


I’ve updated our Strapi guide!

I’ve included an additional section for GitHub Actions. When enabling GitHub Actions for your Strapi project, the environment variables are better placed in the PM2 Ecosystem section (in web app > settings > build) under ENV rather than in the Environment section of the web app. It appears Strapi doesn’t look in the .env after being build by GHA. We’ll look more into this and see if we might be able to work around that.