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Team Cleavr

Please don’t share this forum page or beta docs with others until we are ready for open beta testings. We’re welcoming users by invite only at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This note is for WordPress testers:

We’re currently outstanding a couple of features that are typically used by WP users:

  1. WordPress Multisite enabling
  2. Wildcard domains (which is usually paired with the above)

We think we’ve also fixed a periodic issue where WordPress would hang and timeout on a couple of use cases - mainly during setting up a brand new site and other admin functions where an email might be generated. It seems like this issue was more common in Linode servers compared to other providers. Please let us know if you encounter this issue but we’re hoping we stomped this bug for good! :foot::bug:

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What’s new in Cleavr 2.0 :candy:

Back-End Updates

  1. We re-did the back-end and in the process made Cleavr more performant with improved server provisioning, site creation, and app deployment times :running_man:t2:‍♂
  2. If you’re interested in the tech stack, we are now using the Adonis v5 NodeJS framework

UX Updates

  1. The front-end also has a top-down refresh with a more consistent and more intuitive user experience - including using slide-outs to try to keep things “just a click a way” as well as more overflow menus to assist with that same goal
  2. UI is now wayyy more mobile friendly :calling:
  3. Made dark mode more aesthetic and consistent
  4. Display additional high level info with usage of list row expandos
  5. Implemented drop downs in interior sections to switch between entities; ie: switch between servers, sites, webapps
  6. Added ‘Quick Links’ to secondary menus for quicker navigation to pertinent resources
  7. Improved empty state placeholders with a CTA and a link to get more info

Server Updates

  1. New server type selection when provisioning a new server - you can now select what type of server you want so that Cleavr only installs what’s typically needed for that server type; such as, if you want to server to host Laravel vs Adonis apps, Cleavr will now install services specific to Laravel, Adonis, Wordpress, etc.
  2. Moved monitoring section to be under it’s corresponding server
  3. Added Node 15 as a service option
  4. Improved ability to add multiple services at a time
  5. Prevent users from adding services that don’t play nice with others; ie: cannot install both MySQL database and a MariaDB
  6. Add PM2 logs to the Node service heartbeat output
  7. Also added ‘Repair’ button for Node service which will restart PM2 processes
  8. Remember PHP and NGINX configurations; previously it was a black box if you made an edit, now we’ll display the latest values
  9. Added ‘Forget Server’ to sever the connection with the provider but not deleting the server

Site Updates

  1. For Node apps, you can now alter the port number on app creation if you want to use a specific port number - which comes in handy for Node apps that hard code port numbers
  2. Moved NGINX Config and Domain Aliases out to their own sections
  3. You can now add a CSR in SSL Certs
  4. You can now edit custom SSL certs - including domains, private key, and cert
  5. You can also edit applied domains for Let’sEncrypt certs
  6. Cleavr will perform a check on custom SSL certs (new and edits) to ensure validity before saving the changes - as invalid changes can impact NGINX
  7. Added a Site Details section to display site info, including app type, assigned server user, project directory, and web directory
  8. You can also change PHP versions from the Site Details screen

Webapp Updates

  1. We’ve added some descriptive details to deployment hooks so you know what to expect for the default hooks
  2. GitLab and Bitbucket VC profiles now pull in all of your repositories so that you can more conveniently select a repro from a dropdown list in WebApp > Repo Settings
  3. Broke out the ‘Build’ step for Adonis 5 deployment hooks to cover necessity some deployment use cases

DNS Updates

  1. Added ‘Forget Domain’ to sever the connection with the provider but not deleting the domain
  2. When adding a DNS profile, we’ll pull in any existing domains associated to the provider
  3. When adding a DNS domain, we’ll pull in any existing records from the connected provider


  1. Added Discord as a notification channel
  2. Squashed quite a few bugs that were uncovered but too minute to list in detail :wink:

Those are the updates I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I’m missing a few. :sweat_smile:


How to test this? I’m interested

Hey @seventhose!

Check out the Beta Overview for info on accessing the environment.

good catch! fix is coming out now :wink:

We’re working on some updates to social login (google and github) so you won’t be able to log in using these methods for the moment. Logging in via username and password is still available.

We’ve completed are updates and social auth should be working again. :wink:

We’ve released quite a few new goodies today :lollipop:

  • Check out the new services logs in the server section. Here, you can load logs for NGINX (error and access logs), the Firewall, Redis, MySQL, and more.
  • Set your server to auto-update packages from the server’s danger zone section. Cleavr already sets the server to automatically update ‘unattended’ security updates. You can now choose to set your server to auto-update installed packages as well. However, please be aware that this could result in the server updating a package with a breaking change.
  • Some cloud providers let you change the server IP address, such as AWS with elastic IPs. You can now update the IP address in Cleavr from the server’s danger zone. If you have any existing sites, you’ll also want to make sure to update the DNS records to point to the new IP. Also, if you are using a free Cleavr domain, you’ll need to re-add the site as we won’t update the free domain’s DNS record.
  • Don’t like you server name? You may now also change the name within the server’s danger zone. Just be aware, this doesn’t change the hostname nor does it update the name in your cloud provider’s account.
  • We’ve added new user registration and password recovery flows that gets us even closer to bringing beta live. :tada:
  • Server details now has a persistent dropdown next to the IP Address on server page headers.
  • Prefer Postfix over Sendmail? Postfix can now be installed on your server from the services section.
  • Plus quite a few UI enhancements and bug fixes :muscle:t4:
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I just made this thread public for everyone to see. Feel free to access the beta environment and play around with the all-new Cleavr! :tada:


Just released another beta update with a whole bunch of updates

New :candy:

  • Queue Workers for Laravel web apps - helps you quickly set up and manage queue workers with ease
  • Process Monitors updates allow you to stop and start monitors, get current status, plus view related logs
  • Easily install plugins for Postgres databases
  • Promote Postgres db users to super admin permission levels
  • Wildcard subdomains are now available!

UI / UX updates

  • Added a flag icon for Spain
  • You can now update your username without also having to update password
  • Added additional deployment hook descriptions
  • Added page titles
  • Display database icon next to databases and database users
  • Updated mobile navigation bar
  • Added preference updates toasts to let you know the new preference settings have been saved
  • Tweaked page heights that was needlessly adding scroll bars
  • Cleavr logo now points to server list page on mobile menu

Additional fixes

  • Fixed issues deleting Linode and Upcloud servers from VPS provider account
  • Fixed an issue syncing domains with Cloudflare
  • Fixed an issue with deleting a notification profile presented an ugly error

Damn the beta looks nice :slight_smile:

Just one question. Will we get a filter for the webapps page?

Have a nice summer guys!

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Yes, we’ll add filters / ordering to the pages with lists. Sorry it’s taking so long! :blush:

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New release!

New :candy:

  • Backblaze is now supported as a backup option!
  • Add and managed fail2ban NGINX attack config in the services section
  • WordPress multisite configuration now available
  • Added page titles to each page
  • Added standard NGINX configs for WordPress sites when adding a new WP site

UI / UX Updates

  • You can now select a database type when adding a WordPress site
  • Re-ordered server region and plan type options so that only plan types available in the selected region display as options

Bug Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed a FastCGI config issue

You can now tag servers and easily install phpmyadmin!

We’re now working on getting new signups to sign up for Cleavr 2.0 directly. Just a bit more testing and then we’ll point registration to the all new Cleavr - which means we’re getting closer to getting Cleavr 2.0 out of beta! :star_struck:

Release Notes


Tags can now be added to servers and webapps, making it easier to identify resources and also to filter lists by selected tags.

WordPress :lollipop: updates galore in this release, including PHPMyAdmin quick install!

  • When creating a new WordPress site, you can now optionally include admin info upfront and Cleavr will automatically add the admin info and perform the setup installation
  • One-click PHPMyAdmin install sets up PHPMyAdmin on your server, so you can manage your MySQL databases using the handy PHPMyAdmin UI. Of course, this is available for your MySQL server in general and is not WordPress dependent. However, it is a favorite feature enhancement most commonly asked for by WordPress users. :partying_face:
  • Fixed some more roundabout ways that led to the attempted installation of a MySQL server type even though one is already installed on the server.

Quick site backups is now available by clicking on the ellipses icon on the sites list. This will pre-populate backup fields for the selected site, letting you more quickly, and efficiently, set up backups for your sites.

Additional Updates:

  • Made several UI / UX related updates
  • Can now add process monitors without Supervisor being installed
  • Additional bug squashes :bug:

Hey @peterc -

Filters and ordering are now available on pages servers list, websites lists, and web app lists pages.

Filters are based off of applied tags - which can be added in server settings and web app settings.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much. Looks great :+1:

Very good that the tag filtering is persistent.