Cleavr 2.0 and 2021 Q1/Q2 road map

As some of you may have noticed, we went from 2+ releases a week to barely 2+ total releases since the beginning of this year.

We were blazing in 2020 with new features and rapid updates that were being released multiple times a week. :zap:

Did we lose our energy?

Not by a long shot! :muscle:t4:

2021: Q1 Objectives

Our goals for Q1 of 2021 were to introduce new pricing tiers and improve the experience for our current features.

However, another one of our overall goals as a team was to be more present in the Adonis community. We started sponsoring Adonis later last year and have been really impressed with the framework and the community. We were also excited about the upcoming release of Adonis v5.

It’s because of this that when we were deciding how we can both improve our current feature-sets and put our code-base in an even better position for rapid development that we decided to switch our backend tech stack from using Alpas, a Kotlin-based framework we developed in-house, to Adonis.

We considered Laravel at one point as Laravel has an established community and is a more overall mature framework that would better fit our immediate needs, but we desired to double down and work with the Adonis creators and community to help make version 5 awesome. And it is awesome. And, becoming more awesome. :fire:

What does any of this actually mean for Cleavr?

As of this writing, we’re complete with 90% of the hard work and 60% of the features with the rebuild on Adonis. The majority of the work left is to add the remainder VPS providers, VC providers, and add backups.

As we’re working on Cleavr, we are improving features where we can. Here are some of the improvements you’ll see in Cleavr 2.0

  • New UI that is more intuitive and requires less clicks to get things done
  • Improved server provisioning and site creation performance - honestly, performance has been improved across the board :zap::zap::zap:
  • Improvements to SSL certs - with CSR added as a new feature
  • A multitude of little enhancements spread across - basically, if we received improvement ideas for current Cleavr, then we have been incorporating those into Cleavr 2.0 as we have been building it out

We plan to have some users provided early access to help us test out Cleavr 2.0. If you’d like to be considered for early access, send me a private message.

We’re targeting early access for sometime around mid to late April. Depending on where we are with Cleavr 2.0 and how testing goes, we may release Cleavr 2.0 soon after.

2021: Q2 Objectives following Cleavr 2.0 release

You might be wondering what we plan on doing directly after Cleavr 2.0’s release. We’ll most likely be working on adding additional tiers. The current plan available for purchase will eventually become the middle tier offering. We will have a lower priced tier with some limited functionality and we’ll also work on a higher priced offering with some additional functionality and with more of a focus on teams / small businesses.

We’ll also work on some features that have been highly requested, such as load balance setup. Plus, of course, some new features that we have been itching like crazy to work on. :sunglasses:

We’ll also deep dive into each of our supported web app types (Adonis, Nuxt, Laravel, WordPress) and see how we can improve the functionality and experience for those.

Expanding team

One more thing to share, we’ve also expanded our team since the beginning of the year and have worked on getting them onboarded and they have already been contributing immensely! :muscle:t4:

With the expanded team, we’ve also been able to expand our support as my off-hours are their on-hours. :heart:

I hope you’re as excited about Cleavr 2.0 as we are!

If you have any specific questions about Cleavr 2.0 or would like to let us know what’s important to you for enhancements or new features, please reply to this post! We’d love to hear from you.