Clearing NGINX cache while logged in to WP caches the admin bar publicly

If I enable NGINX cache for my WP website and clear the cache while being logged in, this results in it caching and displaying the admin bar and admin assets (js, css etc…) for the any non logged-in user.

This is clearing the cache from the cleavr admin, im not using the plugin atm

Is there some known NGINX config for the cache settings I can add that will prevent this from happening?

I’m using the cache (including plugin) for more than 100 WP sites and it works well.
There is no specific cache configuration required and it works even for WooCommerce (out of the box).
What do you see if you check your dashboard in the inspector like here:

Do you use any other cache plugin?
What happens if you use a standard theme?

Nope, not using any other cahcing plugin

When using the standard twentytwentythree theme the issue doesnt seem to continue – so must be something in the theme but honestly have no idea what would be causing it – there isnt really anything in theme other than enqueuing assets – ill keep searching