Change domain on the existing app

It would be nice to be able to change domains on the websites, like from default auto generated domains.
I could add aliases but changing the whole website structure etc would be nice. Or some placeholder for custom folder names.

Additional thing I would like is to transfer whole server and all sites and apps to another account.

Will those ever be available as options?

Thanks buds

Hello @titan,

We allow changing cleavr free domains to your own custom domain. To do so go to Server > Site > Rename Site. I hope this helps you with the first part of your question. You can check it in our docs: Change Domain - Cleavr docs

For now, we don’t have any plans for the transfer of resources between different Cleavr users but we may consider this in the days to come.

On a further note, we are currently working on cloning the site from one server to another server and also from another service provider to Cleavr. This is in progress right now. Also, we do support cloning database servers from one server to another. So, we may support such features someday.

Thank you,