Change domain name and go live

Hi guys,
so i have an app called and i’m now going to go live and use so i usually just create a new app and ther remove the

Is there any easier way to do this like just rename ny.xx.xx to

Hey Peter,

We only have the option to change a domain from one of the free Cleavr domains to a custom domain currently. We hope to provide the ability for all sites in the future. Unfortunately, there’s not really a super-easy way to do it otherwise, since the domain touches so many different things… The easiest would be to create a new site using the new domain.

Unless this is a WordPress site - then the staging feature could be used to create the new site and then sync the files from staging site to production site.

Hi Adam,
yeah, i saw the renaming limit.

This is no problem since it’s so easy to add a new app. Also one might have some extra settings and configurations while developing that shouldn’t be i production so i think it’s more cleaner to add another app.

Just a question. I have deleted the old site and it’s gone in Cleavr but the folder is still in FTP.

Will it be removed later or do i need to remove it manually?

Hmmm that should have been removed…

Possibly a bug? I’ll see if I can repro on my side.

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Yup, its a bug! Occurs for sites created in 1.0 but then removed in 2.0.

We’ll get it fixed on our side for future site deletions. You’ll need to remove from the server directly for that particular site.

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Yeey, at least i found one bug for you :slight_smile:

I notised that this code are not in the v2 Nginx config:

    proxy_buffer_size        128k;
    proxy_buffers          4 256k;
    proxy_busy_buffers_size  256k; 

I might have added them my self, i don’t remember.

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I enter the final domain name for the website and use the temporary domain als alias.
Later I change the domain in my app to get online.


Woot, thanks for hunting the bug! :dart:

For the NGINX config - those don’t look like defaults we add. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will this work if the “real” domain is pointed elsewere during development?

Yup! So if the real domain is pointed to a different server, then the alias domains will still work as long as they are pointing to the server where the alias is.

Some users will configure the real domain to point to a generic ‘Under Construction’ site - which can be done with a CNAME to point to temp site and then use an alias for the actual site being constructed.

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Wow, thats great.

In most of my cases there are an old site that the domain is pointing to but this way i can use the same app as development.

Add the app with the real domain name and the use an alias and point that subdomain to the server and then when i go live i just remove the alias, point the real domain to the server and then add SSL right?


That should do it :wink:

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