Can't connect to mysql database (mariadb)

Hey. first time here o/

I have a vps on hetzner, I installed mariadb, created a db and user on cleavr.
I installed a directus app on it and its working great.

Now I wish to connect via dbBeaver or heidisql to check out my db and it says can’t connect: timeout.
I am using my server ip, the db port and user / user password and correct database name but its not working. any idea ?

  • Cleavr firewall rules says I can connect thru 3306
  • I also can’t enable Database Monitoring (‘error enabling Monitoring.’)

Thank you !

Hello @jfs,

First of all, welcome to Cleavr forum.

We highly recommend you go through this documentation on how to use the database client to access the database. Access database via a client tool - Cleavr docs

Even if the documentation is for TablePlus the process will mostly be the same for any other database client. And when connecting to the database client make sure that you use SSH key option.

For the monitoring-related issue: you can try the Repair button or try re-installing the Monitoring service.

Do let us know if the issue persists.

Thanks ! I feel stupid for not checking the docs.
It works now.
I was hoping to ping my db on my local project through the .env easily. oh well I’ll look at this later