Cannot install plugins in new WP Install - 413 Request Entity Too Large


When I try to install new plugin gives me the following error.

I tried to increase the php74 settings eg. max_input_time, max_input_vars and the following in the section but when I checked later settings were not saved and therefore I cannot install plugins in my install…

What I do wrong?
Please advise.

Welcome to Cleavr @mth.

Please check our guide for WordPress upload limits here:

Check the WP piece to see if you adjusted those variables as well as update client_max_body_size for NGINX.

When you save, the info is directly saved to the server but we don’t display the info in Cleavr yet. The feature is in our backlog.

If you still face the issue please let us know.


I missed the part with the nginx config.

Thank you very much, that worked.