Cancel running deployment, after new one is started

I know that this topic is already in discussion and that there are (secret) reasons for not cancelling old running deployments, but …

It would be nice to have an option, where we can decide if we want to cancel or keep running deployments, when a new deployment is triggered.

Is that possible?

For me this is the reason to switch to … or not

Hello @john,

We’ve worked quite a bit on deployment queues so that deployments don’t try to run on top of each other. You may cancel a running deployment from the deployment details page.

Though, it sounds like you are suggesting an option to automatically cancel an in process deployment if a new deployment is triggered?

Yes. Because if my clients make changes to the CMS, everytime they click publish/save … a new deployment is triggered. This could lead to about 10 deployments in the queue or even more … depends on the time the editors change stuff in the CMS.

So I think it would be a good solution for every use case if there were a checkbox.

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